FABSAA is an organization that is run entirely by volunteers from its membership.  We would love to have you get involved!  

Volunteer opportunities include...

  • Help with the Annual Conference (directing attendees to session rooms, registration desk, A/V setup, etc.)

  • Serve on the Executive Board (see below for descriptions of board member duties).

  • Other opportunities - if you have an interest or skill that you think would benefit our organization, don't hesitate to let us know how you'd like to help!

Board Member Job Descriptions    

President: Keeps the organization focused on setting and maintaining goals. Oversees the Board and encourages teamwork. Represents FABSAA and its members to other organizations. 

President Elect:  Prepares to assume the position of president.  Manages special assignments as requested by the president. 

Immediate Past President: Advises and mentors the president. Coordinates awards and recognition. Helps recruit new board members. 

Vice President of Education & Conferences: Provides logistics for board meetings and conferences. Coordinates planning for the annual conference.

Vice President of Memberships: Maintains membership records and recruits new members. 

Vice President of Communication & Technology: Maintains website, A/V equipment, and event web registration. Coordinates A/V setup for the conference. 

Director of Commercial Members: Board liaison of commercial members. Helps coordinate conference. Helps recruit board members.

Treasurer: Maintains FABSAA's financial operations.  Develops budget. 

Secretary: Maintains FABSAA's records and meeting minutes.  

​Board-Member-At-Large: Assists where needed. Actively participates in annual conference planning efforts.